Questions? Answers!

Here you will find several questions that we are asked over and over again (and their answers, of course). Don’t see your question here? If not, feel free to contact us!

Questions about applying and the selection process

You will find the contacts for each job posting. For the Mainz and Munich locations, the contacts are Elma Köller, Alexandra Neumeier, or Marlen Saleh, while for the Idar-Oberstein, it is Simone Gans, and for the Berlin location it is Alexandra Fritschi.

We do not have a standard selection process that we use for all positions. How long it takes is a very individual matter, and it depends on how many candidates apply for one job and on the level of the job. Even so, when hiring for any position, we take care to wind up the process as quickly as possible.

It’s obvious that if nothing else is involved, we always want to fill a position right away, in other words as early as possible. But naturally, we also want to take the individual notice period of each applicant into account. That is why it is important for you to indicate your start date in the online application form. If you apply for a job in Berlin, we will need your application by email – then you can just indicate your possible start date in writing in it.

If several jobs appeal to you, you can apply for each of them at the same time. However, please submit a separate application for every ad.

Please use our online form only for your application – that is the only way we can process your application quickly and offer feedback on it quickly. The only exception is our Berlin location, where you can email your application to personal@jpt.com.

It is always worthwhile to apply – with or without a PhD! And don’t worry, your degree is not a disqualifier, because we look at you as a whole package. If it is a good fit, we invite you for an interview.

That always depends on the specific job. In some ads, we may add how well you should be able to speak German in order to do your job properly. Basically, although our corporate language is German, there are non-German-speaking employees working with us. In other words, it is enough to speak English well. If you are in doubt, contact us before you apply in order to clarify this question.

There is no disadvantage to writing your application in German – our application allows equally for both languages. And incidentally, in the upper right area of our job portal you will find a button that allows you to switch between German and English ads.

Questions that are important specifically for students

As a rule, we like it when our student employees support us for a longer period of time. However, that does not mean that there cannot be short-term assignments as well; it depends on the job in question and the acute needs. If you are interested principally in a certain student employment position, just call us and ask what period we are looking for someone to stay. Otherwise you can also indicate your potential work period in your application, and we will see whether that is a good fit.

Generally we only have needs that are reflected in the posted internships. However, it is possible for that to change quickly, so you can also submit an unsolicited application, as long as you spend at least three months with us. We will then verify whether or not we can offer you an internship position.

The answer is a clear yes – it goes without saying that we supervise bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses. Ideally, you will also apply for a specific position posted in our job portal. If you cannot find anything suitable there, you can also submit an unsolicited application. Within it, please tell us the topic you want to write your thesis about.

Questions that are still interesting to high-school students

Unfortunately, at the present time we cannot offer high-school work experiences that last for three or four weeks. An internship should as a rule cover at lest three months.