Fight cancer

Fight cancer

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How does cancer develop?

Cancer cells develop when errors occur in the human body’s normal process of cell division. The cells begin to proliferate unchecked. That is a common occurrence, but normally the human immune system is perfectly able to detect those cells and kill them off. However, sometimes the immune system fails in this task, or the cancer cells are able to avoid its attacks. The altered (“mutated”) cells then continue to divide without restraint – creating a tumor.

New paths for treating cancer

Cancer is one of the most widespread diseases of our time, and is often difficult, if not impossible, to cure. Today we know the reason why: Every tumor is as individual as the person who has it. As a result, current cancer treatments often have their limitations.

That is why BioNTech is working on new therapeutic methods that take the individual nature of the tumor into account in order to provide a treatment tailored especially to each patient.

The endogenous immune system as a weapon against cancer

With the help of what is known as next generation sequencing (NGS), BioNTech first analyzes the genetic information of the tumor in order to understand its peculiar characteristics and degrees of severity. What results is an individual tumor profile – something like a “wanted” photo of the tumor. With this profile and all of the information it contains, the company is developing an mRNA-based immunotherapy tailored to the patient. This treatment enables the endogenous immune system to attack and combat the cancer itself.

The company’s proprietary mRNA technology, already a global leader, will enable us in the future to make this kind of immunotherapy available to patients quickly. This is why the company is working on developing a fast, affordable, and fully automated process for producing its individualized treatments.

Cancer immunotherapy is currently being tested in various clinical trials. Initial results are promising.