We are pioneers

We are pioneers

BioNTech as an employer

Why pioneers?

BioNTech as an employer

Why should you join BioNTech?

Because we give you the opportunity to make our revolution personal!

Day by day, our staff of over 1000 employees contributes to something huge – something that is happening right now, not sometime in the future: critical breakthroughs in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

In this area, BioNTech is a global pioneer for the entire industry. Experience medical advances from the frontlines – and the good feeling you get when the great achievement is close at hand.

The feeling of revolution!

Our benefits

We offer many additional benefits so that our employees can feel comfortable and develop at their workplace.

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Add your strength to a team of pioneers!

We don’t care how you dress, what degree you have or where you are on the corporate ladder. We care about what you can achieve.

We are all on a first-name basis here – and that goes for everyone from the trainee to the CEO. Open-door policies, flat hierarchies, a direct line to the board of directors, and a refusal to accommodate status symbols characterize our work culture, where we take responsibility, both as a group and on an individual level, to promote our advancement in the effort to cure cancer.


Our company values represent what we stand for and are what makes us special. They serve as a guide for our actions, and define our company identity.

BioNTech stands for visionary thinking and a pioneering spirit—we want to revolutionize cancer immunotherapy with our work and break new ground with made-to-measure therapeutic agents.

Innovation and innovative thinking in all areas of our work are, therefore, the cornerstone of our success.

Passion and enthusiasm guide our day-to-day work and everything we do.

Common unity forms the foundation we build on in order to reach our ambitious goals successfully as a team—both between colleagues and interacting with our partners.


Your future co-workers are the best examples – every one of them contributes to making something truly special happen: one breakthrough after another in the fight against cancer.

Let’s talk about you now.

Do you enjoy coming up with unusual ideas, and not only finding but also implementing creative solutions to problems?

Do you get passionate about causes? Do you take a few risks as you advance toward your goal? Does it motivate you to work with others and achieve results together?

Do you want a job in which you can fulfill your own potential and take pride in what you do?

Do you like to really pitch in and help bring about great things, even in your own small way?

Don’t care about status symbols, but do care about having skilled co-workers and respectful, appreciative dealings with one another?

If you can say “yes” to all of these questions, it’s high time for us to get to know each other. You’ve got the makings of a true pioneer.